MAPPING: The show must go on

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The MAPPING project has officially concluded in February 2018. In the past four years, the MAPPING consortium had the opportunity to work intensively on issues that emerged as a result of the proliferation of the use of the Internet. It was an intriguing journey, indeed. Some of the issues debated towards the end of the project did not exist at the time of conception of the MAPPING project.

Despite the official end of the project and its funding, the MAPPING partners commit to keep the MAPPING process going forward. The consortium will organise a meeting in Autumn 2018 in order to explore options to hold another Annual General Assembly in 2019, and elaborate some of the MAPPING recommendations and outcomes. You can already check some of them here. As soon as the outcome documents are officialy accepted by the European Commission, we will publish them, too.

Our gratitude goes to every single stakeholder that dedicated time, energy, and resources to support the MAPPING process. Every contribution, opinion and idea helped improve the ultimate goal of MAPPING – dialogue and participation. In this perspective MAPPING organised almost 40 events worldwide putting together over a thousand stakeholders with various professional and cultural backgrounds. We established liaisons with like-minded initiatives, presented our activities at more than 150 external gatherings, and built a presence on major events like Internet Governance Forum, World Summit on Information Society and CeBIT. MAPPING also reflected its connection between science and society and launched an awareness campaign for public at large in the Autumn of 2017.